The Recording


I made my recording of Headcrash on a cassette over 10 years ago. In fact I've just realised that Headcrash was first (and only) broadcast on 24 Jul 93. In other words in 12 days time it'll be its 10th Anniversary. How odd that after talking about doing this fan site for it for at least 3 years I should finally get around to doing it now.

Anyway I've transferred the recording on to MP3, but at around 60MB its too much for me to really put up on my web site. What I'll do is put it on my Kazaa server. So if you want to download the whole programme then just set yourself up on the Kazaa peer to peer service and do a search for Michael Wall or Headcrash and you should find it. My server is on most UK evenings. Any problems contact me. Of course should the BBC ever be sensible enough to make it available commercially I'll withdraw the file - that OK Mr Dyke?

[OK I've never got round to putting it on Kazaa. If anybody would like to get a copy of the recording let me know and I'll work out the best way to get it to you.]

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