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I've now moved this site on to Movable Type. This lets me give the site more of a "web site" feel than a "blog" feel. Hope you like it. It also better reflects that this is a slow changing site, I'll only post something new when I have it - which for a 10 year old Radio show is likely to be pretty rarely. Mind you there's always that letter I was going to write to Toyah....

Happy Birthday


Happy Birthday

Happy 10th Birthday Headcrash. Headcrash was first broadcast on 24th July 1993. Thirty years ago.

Happy Birthday.

Someone Else Has It Taped

So mine isn't the only copy in existence, and it was aired again. Stumbled (well OK Googled) THEATER OF THE IMAGINATION, a US site dedicated to radio plays and the owner has Headcrash on his list of tapes to trade. Mind you the site says it was last updated in 15 Sep 97. According to the site Headcrash was broadcast in the US by NPR station KSER-FM Lynwood,WA in their BBC Theatre season. No idea when. Must e-mail the guy if he still exists.



I've been looking for a decent graphic for the site. Google throws this one up if you search for headcrash. Looks pretty good (although the site it's from is crime asdociated according to Norton's Firewall - so I can't always see it!).

Bruce Bethke


If you're looking for a web site about Bruce Bethke's 1995 Philip K Dick winning comic cyberpunk novel, also called Headcrash, you're in the wrong place.

Suppose I better find some other Headcrash references out there.

Headcrash - Crash Head


Just so happens that a great english synth musician - Mark Shreeve - did an album called Crash Head. I've got a tape I used to play in the car with Headcrash on one side and Crash Head on the other.

The Start


OK, let's see if I can use Blogger to build a fan site.

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