Task System

Basic Tasks

2d6 + skill + attribute/5 (drop fractions)

Simple 3+
Routine 7+
Difficult 11+
Formidable 15+
Impossible 19+

Fumble on natural 2
Exceptional failure on 4 less than tgt (house rule, not 2)
Exceptional success on 4 more than tgt (house rule, not 2)

Time is time Increment * 3d6, apply DMs

Unskilled OK: attempt if not got key skill. Up one difficulty level otherwise.
Safe: no mishap
Hazardous: serious mishap
Fateful: always mishap if fail
Hasty: halve time inc and double DMs but one step more difficult
Cautious: double time inc and double dms but step less difficult

Uncertain Tasks

Player and ref both roll, same DMs ref in secret.

Player  Ref    Result  
FailFailNo truth
FailSuccessSome truth
SuccessFailSome truth
SuccessSuccessTotal truth

May modify by Extreme Success/Failure

Confrontational Tasks

Apply one sides DMs as positive and the others as negative.


Must stay determined if Exceptional Fail a task.

To stay determined
Difficult, End, Int
If fail then can retry but one level harder.

Mishap Table

Roll if:

  • Fumble (2D)
  • Failed fateful (2D)
  • Fumbled Hazardous (3D)
  • Failed fateful & hazardous (3D)
Die RollResult (Damage)Task/Cost to Repair
3+Superficial (1D)Simple (1D% new)
7+Minor (2D)Routine (1D% x 1D%)
11+Major (3D)Difficult (2D x 5%)
15+Destroyed (4D)Formidable (2D x 2D x 5%)

BITS Task Comparison Document (PDF)