Task Library

For combat see Combat section

Zero-G and Suits

To put on/take off Vacc suit
Simple, Vacc suit, Dex, 10 sec

To put on/take off battledress/combat armour
Simple, Vacc suit/Battledress, Dex, 20 sec

To apply suit patch
Routine, Dex, 2 sec

To avoid ZeroG disorientation 
Difficult, ZeroG, Dex (fateful)
Take each round if fired ballistic weapon or in melée
Decrease by one if lo-recoil or handholds
To reorientate - as above but Super=Simple, Minor=Routine,Major=Difficult

To remain in control in ZeroG
Routine, ZeroG, Dex (unskilled OK)

To conduct unusual manoeuvre in vacc suit
Routine, Vacc Suit, Dex, 1 min (fateful, hazardous)

To cross a vacuum plain in vacc suit on foot
Routine, Vacc Suit, End, 1 hour
Only 6 hours air, so Hasty for long journeys

Explosives, Fire and Demolition

To start building fire
Routine, Edu, Dex, 6 sec

To extricate unit from collapsed building
Difficult, Str, 6 sec
Can combine Str to DM limit of +8

To place charge
Routine, Demolitions, Dex, 3 min
Double time to tamp charge - doubles effect

To defuse/detonate charge
Routine, Demolitions, Int, (fateful/hazardous)

Penetration charge = 15 DP
Breach charge = 250 DP


Wooden wall 4
Sandbag wall 6
Brick/stone wall 8
Starship interior wall 8
Concrete wall 10
Reinforced concrete wall 15
Steel frame wall 20
Log/earth wall 25
Bunker wall 30
Starship interior bulkhead 40
Starship hull 60


To diagnose an injury
Routine, Medical, Int, 2 min (uncertain)
Double time and inc task if internal
Roll on mishap table on some truth for mistreatment

To treat and injury
Difficult, Medical, Int, 10 min
Simple if superficial, Routine if minor
Increase one level for field medic
Increase on level for Major if not surgeon (Edu 10+)
1 day per characteristic point (speed for TL9+)

To revive a Low Berth passenger
Routine, Medical, Edu, 1 min (fateful)

Movement, Driving and Riding

To pick a locked door
Difficult, Intrusion, Stealth, 5 sec

To move down a corridor unobserved
Difficult, Stealth, Dex, 30 secs

To use a grav belt
Routine, Grav belt, Dex (unskilled ok)
Roll once for short flights, 2-3 for long flights
Increase difficulty in bad weather

To perform routine manoeuvres with grav vehicle
Routine, Grav Veh, Dex

To avoid a crash landing once damaged
Difficult, Vehicle, Dex (fateful)

To diagnose major damage
Routine, Engineering, Edu, 5 min (uncertain)

To repair major damage in workshop
Difficult, Engineering, Edu, 1 hour

To ride a trained animal at walk
Simple, Equestrian, Dex, 
Per 4 hours

To ride a trained animal at a run
Routine, Equestrian, Dex
Per hour

To control a panicked animal
Difficult, Equestrian, Dex


To obtain obscure facts during interview
Routine, Interview, Int, 5 min (uncertain)

To persuade a mob
Difficult, Persuasion or Leader, Int, 10min

To locate a hireling
Routine, Recruiting, Int, 4hrs (uncertain,interpersonal)

To avoid close inspection of papers
Simple, Admin, Legal, 1 min (fateful)
For No Law. Inc 1 level for each Law Level category

To avoid police harassment
Simple, Admin, Legal, (fateful)
Once per trip out. Level changes as above

To find a buyer
Simple, Broker, Streetwise, 1 day (hazardous)
Level changes as above

To prep and hold a convincing disguise
Difficult, Disguise, Edu, 5 min 

Cyber and Comms

To establish a comms link
Simple, Comms, Int, 3 min

To listen in on a comms line
Difficult, Comms, Int, 3 min

To retrieve unprotected data from a computer
Simple, Computer, Edu, 1 min


To analyse chemical compound for trace elements
Routine, Chemistry, Edu, 1 hour

To analyse an organism for trace elements
Routine, Genetics, Edu, 1 hour

To scan for lifeforms
Routine, Sensor Ops, Biology, 1 sec (uncertain) 


To create a counterfeit document
Formidable, Forgery, Dex, 1 day

To win a casino game
Difficult, Gambling, Int
Win double bet

To research a background topic
Difficult, History, Streetwise, 1 day (uncertain)