Surface Encounters

Use this application to generate encounters whilst on the surface of a planet. Set the UPP and other parameters of the world in question, and then use the hour/quarter day/day/week buttons to generate the encounters.

Note that you can also use the Rumour, NPC etc buttons to generate examples of each directly, and set the race and number where appropriate.

Players Stance: World Stance: Setting:

Law: Pop: Starport: Show rolls:


Note that this application has been written with programming expediency rather than canon compliance in mind. All my apps are likely to be closer to MegaTraveller than any other edition. Any shortcomings in the app (eg no Vargr or Zhodani, only 1D tables for most things) will be addressed when I have time and/or when enough interest is shown!

V2.0 21 May 12

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