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When working for HIWG the standard unit of information was the HIWG Document, or HD. These are what you wrote and then put into the system to be circulated to anybody who wanted to read them. Everything to do with Gushemege started with 34xx. I probably generated 20 or 30 in my time, covering everything from subsector descriptions to company descriptions. Here is an (in)complete list.

  • hd3401 - Gushemege: Random Notes and Questions (David Lai)*
  • hd3402 - The Strephon Alternatives (David Lai)*
  • hd3403 - What is the Lancian Culture (David Lai)
  • hd3404 - Gushemege: 2nd Thoughts*
  • hd3405 - Gushemege Sector Map
  • hd3406 - Taapvaia Subsector Summary
  • hd3407 - Languages of Gushemege
  • hd3408 - Sector Duke Kirshaam Miikadgaa and his Family
  • hd3409 - Bibliographical Dictionary*
  • hd3410 - Fortune 12: Major Corporations*
  • hd3411 - Gushemege Fleet (*corrupt?)
  • hd3412 - Tansa Subsector*
  • hd3413 - The Lancians*
  • hd3414 - The Archipelago (Leighton Piper)*
  • hd3415 - Rure Subsector (Leighton Piper)*
  • hd3416 - Library Data: Gushemege Trailing
  • hd3417 - Travel Companies (Leighton Piper)*
  • hd3418 - Academic Institutions (Leighton Piper)*
  • hd3419 - Computer Augmented Behavioural Alteration (Leighton Piper)*
  • hd3420 - Religions of Gushemege
  • hd34?? - Tansa Subsector: TNE
  • aba001 - Neurotech and the Lancian Culture (J Duncan Law-Green)
  • sw04 - Gushemege Covert Security Bureau (??)
  • hd162.01 - The Fate of the "Real" Strephon

The documents were written betwen 1988 and 1992. All by me unless otherwise noted.

Most of these (those marked *) are collected together in this zip file.

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