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Task Library

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Googledoc database of tasks

Weather Generator

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By planet, hex location , and hex type

Adventure/Patron Database

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In the absence of anything existing I'll set up a Googledocs spreadsheet to index published adventures by location, type and milieu.

NPC Generator

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Just something simple to give stats, trade, skills, dress, weapons, kit

Patron/Adventure Generator

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Quite a bit of resource tables around.

Word Generation

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Sure there must be lots of these around. - looks the best - a bit simpler, perhaps for mobiles

Surface Encounter Software

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This needs to handle a variety of environments:

- port
- city
- town
- village
- rural
- wilderness + types
- sea/seaport
- undersea

And a variety of player modes
- low profile
- normal
- active
- ops

And timescales
- hour
- day

Space Encounter Software

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My first Javascript was an encounter and management system for port to jump to port. Time to rewrite!

Map Generation Software

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I did an Atari map plotter with lots of climactic research behind it. Again has anyone else done a whole planet mapper - and would be great to red in SL - perhaps triangle by triangle

Also city/town map gen and rural/wilderness map gen - from other rpgs?

Culture Generation Software

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Sure I did this for the Atari based on the DGP Grand Census book. Has anyone else?

Software Applications (Web-based)

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