Combat System

(this is a house rules section, inspired originally by AHL/Snapshot, modified a bit by Mongoose)

Action Points

Each character gets Action Points equal to (Endurance + Dexterity)/5.

Tactical Pool

Tactical pool = sum of tactics skill across team, use as DM each round


Turn is divided into 5 phases. All actions within a phase are taken to be simultaneous. If an order is required then character with lowest Int goes first. Each phase equates to a spend of 1 AP.

  • 1: Only players with 4+ AP
  • 2: Players with 3+ AP
  • 3: Players with 2+ AP
  • 4: Players with 1+ AP
  • 5: Players with 5+ AP
(if a player has 6 AP then add a sixth final phase).

Quick Play: Ignore phases, each player assigns AP and then player with highest initiative (Dex+Int) goes first with all movement APs, then all other's movement, then highest player again with firing, then all others. Firing IS NOT simultaneous. Firer can fire from, or at, any point in firer or targets movement track.

Available Actions

  • 1 Action Point
    • Aim
    • Fire (Snapshot)
    • Draw/Reload
    • Move upto 5m, halve for difficult terrain/crouch
    • Change stance (stand, crouch/kneel, lying)
    • Skill-check not needing full attention
  • 2 Action Points
    • Aimed Shot (i.e. Aim+Shot)
    • Skill-check needing full attention
  • 3 Action Points
  • All APs
    • Suppressive Fire

To Hit

To hit a target at Effective Range with a small-arm (one handed)
Routine, Dexterity, Wpn Skill

To hit a target at Effective Range with a rifle or heavy weapon (two handed)
Routine, Strength, Wpn Skill

Increase difficulty by one level if at next range band up, decrease by one for all closer range bands.

Additional DMs:

  • +1 per phase aimed
  • +1 laser sight (if aimed) or AR sight
  • +1 intelligent weapon
  • -1 per AP moved this turn
  • -1 if dodged
  • -1 crouched/kneeling
  • -2 if prone at effective range
  • -1 low wall/forest/crate
  • -2 jungle/trench/full wall
  • -4 pillbox
  • +1 LEVEL if supressed

Automatic Weapons

  • Burst : Auto as +DM to damage. Rounds = Auto rating+1
  • Auto: Roll Auto# dice and assign as pairs as To Hit. Max Wpn-1. 6m cluster. 3 x Auto rounds.

Suppressive Fire

To suppress targets within a 5m arc at 50m, out to Medium (250m) range.
Routine, Strength, Wpn Skill
Firer DMs as above. No target DMs. Each additional firer EITHER adds DM+2, or adds extra 5m to arc. Natural 12 inflicts 3D damage on one target per firer. Suppressed target fires (and other tasks) at one level higher difficulty, two for Exceptional success.


Specified die less armour value

Apply to Endurance first, then player choice of Str/Dex, then other.

  • Superficial = none to zero
  • Minor/Moderate = 1 to zero
  • Major/Serious = 2 to zero, Unconscious
  • Destroyed/Dead = 3 to zero

Armour Values

Flak Jacket74
Vacc Suit/Hostile Env84/6
Ablat91 (6 vs lasers)
Reflec100 (10 vs lasers)
Ballistic Cloth105
Vacc Suit/Hostile Env/Cbt Armour11/126/8/14
Battle Dress1316
Vacc Suit/Hostile Env/Cbt Armour148/10/16
Battle Dress1418


WeaponTL  Effective RangeDamageRoundsSpecial
Bolt Action Rifle3Medium3D-31
Shotgun4Short4D6High Recoil
Assault Rifle7Medium3D-330
Snub Pistol8Very Short2D6
Body Pistol8Short2D6
Stunner8Close2D6100Zero Recoil
Accelerator Rifle9Medium3D15Zero Recoil
Laser Pistol9Short3D100Zero Recoil
Laser Carbine9Medium4D50Zero Recoil
Laser Rifle9Medium5D100Zero Recoil
Laser Pistol11Short3D+3-Zero Recoil
Laser Carbine11Medium4D+3-Zero Recoil
Laser Rifle11Medium5D+3-Zero Recoil
Gauss Rifle12Medium4D80
PGMP12Medium10D-Auto4, Zero Recoil
Gauss Pistol13Short2D40
PGMP14Medium12D-Auto6, Zero Recoil
FGMP14Medium16D-Auto4, Zero Recoil
Plasma Rifle16Medium6D-Zero Recoil
FGMP16Medium16D-Auto6, Zero Recoil

Range Bands

  • Close: 0-5m
  • Short: 6 - 50m
  • Medium: 51 - 250m
  • Long: 251m - 500m
Combat Tasks

To determine surprise
Difficult, Leader, Recon (confrontation)
Defender has surprise on mishap, otherwise no surprise if fail

To raise alarm
Difficult, Leader, Recon
Automatic if hit but not killed or use kinetic weapon

To maintain NPC morale
Routine, Leader
Increase difficulty level by 1 for each 25% casualties
Adjust level by unit quality

To quick start a vehicle
Routine, Vehicle, Dex (ICE=5s, Turbine=10s, FuelCells=5s, Fusion=6s/60s)

To call a lift
Simple, Dex, 2 sec
Routine in combat

To jump down 3m
Routine, Dex, (fateful)
Difficult/hazardous for 3-6m, Formidable for 6-9m, 2D DP for 9-12m
In low G equivalent height is Dist/Sqrt G

Vertical jump is AVG(Str,Dex) x 0.1m
Horizontal jump is AVG(Str,Dex) x 0.5m
Throwing - see PM p88

To break down door
Routine, Str, 6 sec/1CR
Can apply DMs of 2 players

To drag/carry heavy object
Simple, Dex,
Heavy = str x 2 (x3 if mil) in kg. If < str x 5 then carry.
Can't drag if > str x 15