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Traveller Chronicle - Vella Zabeth

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Star Viking Personality - Vella Zabeth was a short patron piece I did for The Traveller Chronicle magasine in 1995. Vella was the formidable captain of a J-2 Fat Trader, the Calibrader, and had no issue with taking on either the Guilds or the RCES if it looked like either was going to get between her and some TED trade or a bit of cold recovery salvage.

Bringing Heaven

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dip atari portfolio

My abiding memory of my Bringing Heaven advenure was writing it in the hospital just after the birth of my first daughter in late 93. She was cradled in one arm, the other was just able to type away on an old DIP Portfolio PDA! Appropriately the adventure concerns a little girl found alone aboard a ship drifting in open space. Looking at my notes I see that I revised in an '98 for GURPS [Traveller?]. I'm sure I submitted it to a few magasines but I don't think it was ever published. I'll put both versions up here in due course.

Ashes to Ashes

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An unpublished adventure with adventurers hired to provide security for some sort of archaelogical expedition - if I remember it correctly. Will try and dig it out!

Divva Station

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Divva Station was an ecological thriller adventure I wrote and had published by Valkyrie - a British gaming zine. It involved a group of adventurer being hired by a Greenpeace look alike to investigate the death of a contact on a gas refinery orbiting a gas giant. I'll try and scan in the magasine pages or find the original text.

Rebellion Shades

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I can't remember which came first, Rebellion Shades or Viral Shades. Both gave a set of free form nuggets for Referees to use as the basis for their own campaigns or as sideline adventures. Anyway here's the blurb:

This article presents 6 nuggets to assist referees with the running of adventures in the Rebellion setting. The first two nuggets provide background information on life in the rebellion, particularly as it affects worlds close to, but not in, the warzone. The second pair of nuggets detail two patrons whom the players may encounter or who may hire the characters. The third pair of nuggets present "random nugget" adventures that the referee can introduce into the course of an existing campaign, or use for stand-alone sessions. The nuggets are:

  • Blockade! - Blockade practices during the Rebellion.
  • Rebellion Streetwise - Life dirtside on a heavily policed world.
  • Yuasa Acome - A cunning and successful business woman.
  • Salina Gerba - A crusading freelance tri-D journalist.
  • Operation Haven - The PCs are called upon to help rescue refugees.

  • Salvage! - The PCs encounter a derelict ship.

Although "Rebellion Shades" has been written for the period 1117 - 1125 the nuggets will also prove valuable to Hard Times adventurers. The blockade practices described are similar to those adopted by the factions to protect their safe and frontier regions, although the quality and quantity of ships available would be lower. "Rebellion Streetwise" could easily reflect life on frontier worlds, especially if inter faction rivalry continues, pirates abound, or xenophobic feelings are running high and there is a significant alien population. The patrons will undoubtably live on into Hard Times, and the scope for their action is probably greater then than during the Rebellion. Finally the adventure nuggets, especially "Salvage!", could take place at any time before the Virus comes.

Read all of Rebellion Shades.

Viral Shades

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Viral Shades is an adventure for Traveller:The New Era and deals with the effects of the virus on a remote colony. I got this copy from Freelance Traveller. Thanks Jeff. The original intro was:

"This document has been pieced together from personal records discovered during the past few years operations in the Wilds. Whilst the sources were many and varied they have been synthesised here into the single story of life on a TL8+ world, as the virus attacked, and as the world tried to survive."

"In reading this account, particular attention should be paid to the changing norms for: energy, transportation, food and water supply, shelter, health, information, and currency. Assimilation of this information will help considerably in your dealings with both remnants and survivor groups, as well the people of the Wilds at large."

The main sections are:

  • Immediate Effects

  • Short Term Survival

  • Medium Term Survival

  • Long Term Recovery

  • Nugget: Stranded in Space

  • Nugget: The Night the Lights Went Out in Georgeene

  • Nugget: Mall fever

  • Nugget: Out of the Fire

  • Nugget: Down on the farm

  • Nugget: Back to the City

  • Nugget: Reaching Out

  • Nugget: Like A Second Coming

  • Virus Attack Vectors

  • Energy

  • Survival In Space
  • The nuggets could be strung together to tell the evolving story of a world crashing under the virus and gradually rebuilding back to first re-contact.

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