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For some reason it's whenever I head out to the US for the Federal Consortium of Virtual Worlds event that my mind (and time) turns to Traveller - something to do with all that time spent in Starports, sorry Airports.

Anyway the fruits of this trip are updated versions of the Surface Encounters and Next Ship To ... applications. It's also given me time to return to Port2Jump, the "big" Traveller app I've been working on, which as its name suggests lets you fly (in text) a starship all the way from port to jump, and back again, across entire .SEC sector files, and dynamically generating systems as you go. I'll hopefully have it out in beta in the next month.

RTT Revisted

Trying hard to restart the RTT (real time Traveller) idea I had a few years ago, but with information spread across multiple web pages, apps and sites it's actually still really hard to do without pen and paper. My online referees companion should almost male it doable - we'll see.

I think I might bin the Real Time bit though - just can't stand the thought of being stuck in jump space for a week!


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Traveller thoughts been all over the place as I've started to re-engage. First thought was a revival of idea for making a more realistic Traveller - 3D space maps, realistic solar systems, AI etc, but its just too big a jump (although its a "powered by Traveller" setting I might do some time, and for my latest work on 3D star maps see http://www.daden.co.uk/blog/2011/02/its-all-full-of-stars-25-light.html.

I then thought of finishing my Port2Jump application, but thought it too big (although I may soon get back to it), and moving my Minerva model to OpenSim will be a big job (although watching Dune I'm drawn to the idea of just creating some environment sims in OpenSim).

So I finally hit upon the idea of creating a Referee's Screen on the web that I could use from the iPad. Had a great time over the last few days pulling bits together from IMTU rules and MT (my favourite OTU rules) and Snapshot/AHL. What's now dawned on me though is that what I really want is microTraveller - a version of the Traveller rules that's so simple and easy to use that not only will they fit on a few screens of the iPad but I can actually play it more or less from memory (the task system of course being key here). The other part to the Referee's Screen/Companion is of course the software, automating all those parts of the rules that are needed that are just too complex to remember for data reasons (eg encounter tables etc), so that you can create encounters, map a world, jump to orbit etc just in a single mouse-click. So that's the aim, lets see where it goes to.

iPad Referees Screen

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The time just isn't there to do an app like Port2Jump at the moment (and my Empress Minerva model in SL is half built and awaiting transfer to OpenSim. So thought I might try something simpler - turning the iPad into a C21 Referees Screen. Browser based first.

Wiki or Blog

What's going to be the easiest place to keep the RTT diary and world notes - blog or wiki (or Traveller Wikia), and which can I update most easily from the iPhone. Like if I change this online does iBlogger pick it up?


The above screenshot shows the Traveller Map (from TravellerMap.com) rendered inside our Datascape in Second Life. You can pan and zoom the map just as on the web, and even plot locations on it. We might later look at how to link it to atlas and UWP data. The RSS screens rounds the edge show the GURPS TNS news feed, and the feed from the TravellerMap site. TravellerMap was created by Joshua Linden, who works for Linden Lab - the guys who created Second Life.

When not used for Traveller Datascape has a more serious use for showing geocoded, 3D, RSS and almost any other sort of data on a chosen topic.

Port 2 Jump

This is likely to be my first program, and may well serve to link many of the apps together. The aim is to provide an app which manages the whole of the ship board process from port to jump and back again. Prototype release coming soon.

Task Library

Googledoc database of tasks

Weather Generator

By planet, hex location , and hex type

Adventure/Patron Database

In the absence of anything existing I'll set up a Googledocs spreadsheet to index published adventures by location, type and milieu.

Software Applications (Web-based)

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