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Hi, for some reason the play came back into my head a few days a go and re-watched flipside, first time since it went out. thought i'd have a look round the internet see whats out there.
Keep up the good work

A few months ago I bought a bootleg DVD copy of both episodes. Quality was no better than my VSH recording done from the original transmissions (Yes,I'm that old!!). However, at least I now have a more durable copy of the programmes. I doubt if the BBC will ever re-issue it, to long ago, to few people remember the programme etc etc

Hi all

Can anyoen scan me the video cover for Dominik Hide please, mine is all torn now unfortunately.

luckily i have this on video! it was given to me as a christmas present by my cheapskate brother...lol thing is it's probably one of the best presents i've ever received:-) it's the double pack. The thing is it hasn't lasted the 13 years that well..a few weekends ago i bought a DVD recorder and have now transfered it to DVD...the quality isn't that good but as another person posted, i know this is going to last a lot longer than the video.

Hello, did I complete this correctly?

Thanks for posting this

Very nice to see this site. Like the other Martin here, I remembered the plays the other day and thought I would search the web. I have them on VHS (somewhere) taped from the original broadcast. It would be so great if the BBC were to release it on DVD.

Here is the URL to purchase the DVD!!

I have bought the above DVD, Quality is fair only as good as the VHS tape it has been taken from.
But if you can't get a copy anywhere else then it is worth it.
Would be much better if the BBC would release a "proper" version.

Nice blog, just wanted to say I found you through Google

this was a great read

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