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Copies of Flipside on VHS come up pretty regularly on eBay, there is almost a copy or two available. They typically sell at around £30. I'll try and post actual sales prices below so that if you are trying to buy a copy you know what is a reasonable price to pay.

There must also be some way of getting an automatic post from eBay to this site to save you going to eBay to look. I'll investigate.



Dominick Hide Fan Sites

  • Jon Farleys Site (The first FSODN fan site. Full cast list, great 3D renderings).

Movie Sites covering Dominick Hide

  • IMDB (includes links for all cast and crew, and reviews. Add one now!

Related Sites

  • Wedge Antilles FAQ (Star Wars character played by actor who played Alaric)
  • Galactic Video (If you're in Oz these guys have got the video for rent)
  • Headcrash (my fan site for a BBC Radio 3(!) SF play - absolutely superb)

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