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Orange Business Services - GNER case study

BTW this mornings posts are being made over the GNER WiFi connection on the train going from Kings Cross to Leeds. Why oh why doesn't Virgin have this, I'd never need to leave the train (and Virgin has free breakfasts, unlike GNER!)

P.S. For some reason though my Google search is defaulting to Sweden - perhaps the train isn't going to Leeds after all.....

Birmingham Post - 051101 - iMode

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It started with “i can buy you flowers”, went through “i am big in Japan”, and now the posters declare “i have arrived”. O2's i-mode service is here, but should the posters really be saying “i'm too late.”?

MP101 Radio Update

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Downloaded the latest firmware upgrade to my WiFi/HiFi bridge. The upgraded included the first release of the radio tuner. This now lets me play hundreds of Internet radio stations form the HiFi. Unfortunately the BBC stations aren't on there yet - maybe if I register! Apart from the obvious rock/pop/oldies stuff there are great stations like SF soundtracks, scanner linked streams such as the LAPD and the NY Fire Department, air traffic control from JFK< and even just an open mic somewhere in LA!

Connected Home 2004

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Cracking couple of days at Connected Home. Great demo from Sony, lots of stuff from other manufacturers and installers. Microsoft also speaking about Media Center. It's all about Communications-Entertainment-Securoty, but crosses so many category boundaries nobodies quite qure how to sell it, or who to sell it to. Looks like the Koreans are storming ahead though.


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Finally went out and bought a piece of WiFi HiFi. Decided on the NetGear MP101 because it has the integral LED display so you don't have to switch the TV on to seee your music. Not too fussed about image and video viewing. And given that it'll be out of date anyway in a month or so you can't knock a price of £85.

A few hiccups during set-up - had to disable WEP, hard code an IP address and load the server software on my new XP machine rather than the Win98 "server" I had planned. But the delight at being able to sit back on the sofa, scroll through your whole music collection (400+ CDs and LPs) and play it on demand was just indescribeable. Well worth buying.

Interesting Guardian article on
Smart places, putting location aware devices in an information rich environment - eg virtual tour guides, position chat etc. Other links:

Mobile Bristol -

Urban Tapestries -

Scott Fishers Wearable Environment -

WiFi In London

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Good article in The Register about the practical side of WiFi availability in London. Not dissimilar to my own trek around Brum in September. Must get one of the Kensington/Smart ID detectors.

SMC EZ-Stream

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SMC EZ-Stream lets you "access and enjoy music, movies and photos stored on your home PC through your TV or Hi-Fi system! All from the comfort of your lounge sofa and no matter where your PC is located at home"

Now that's what I need at home. And under £300. Question is, is a single box solution like the Streamium better?

Converjed - Mobile Edition

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I've implemented a new set of templates to provide a "mobile edition" of this blog to make access and display from my Palm over GRPS easier. See link at right. Still needs a bit of work, but it's a start.

This is a test of

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This is a test of my PDA Quickblog application using XML-RPC on movable type.

I can blog wirelessly from my PDA again. Hurrah#EXCLAM#
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