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World Builder from Bruce Branit on Vimeo.

Stunning video - SL meets Star Trek Holodeck meets RL love story

Now if only SL building worked like this - but another classic case of its easier to virtualise us (as avatars) rather than try and virtualise things around us.

Great stuff. The whole 5 seasons of Babylon 5 in one song and vid. Annotated description at:

My First Anime Music Video

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Finally got around to putting an anime music video together.

When Joanna was loading up Age of Mythology the other month I thought how well the greek warrior stuff would go with Elvis Costello's Olivers Army. Having finaly got a PC capable of handling video, and tried several video editing programmes before settling on the simplicity of Microsoft's Movie Maker, I spent an enjoyable afternoon putting the AMV together. I'll link it in here until the bandwidth or storage becomes an issue - it's 9 MB in Windows Media format.

Download the Movie.

Finished Serial Experiments: Lain


Finally got to the end of all 13 episodes of Serial Experiments: Lain. No doubt about it, it's superb and well worth the time. Next time I'll have to watch it in a more compressed time scale - I see from the blog I started on 31st August!

And what's it all about? By the end there are hints, but not everything. Lain is from the Wired ( the evolved Internet), a programme given a body to exist in, and bridge into the real world. By the end she's outwitted her inventor, rewritten history (literally) so that nobody in the real world knows she was ever there (including her creator), and is having very Contact like discussions with a higher plane in the form of her father. And there's those odd little cryptic bits, like the suggestion that the Wired is in fact a part of something larger, and the asteroid.

Just watch it.


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After AMV here we have Machinima (rhymes with cinema). Machinima are films made using simple 3D games packages, like Unreal, Halo etc. Motion is captured by moving the characters in the game, and the voice track then overdubbed.

I've looked at doing something similar with Alpha Worlds. Oh well, maybe get round to it some time.

Good Machinima resources are:

Apparently the Red vs Blue stuff is very good. There is of course a G2 article on the topic.

Skaterboy AMV

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Can't believe I haven't posted about this AMV (anime music video) since I've been showing it to almost everyone I meet ( having it run on the Palm Tungsten is definitely cool ). Quite simply the best AMV I've seen, the superb Avril Lavinge song played against some stunning CGI graphics from the cutaway scenes from Final Fantasy X. Add to which Yuna just looks so good she's worth any entry in my Girl Fridays list. The video's by Cass Morgan by the way.

Lain 09, Ted Nelson and John Lily

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Just watched episode 9 where they start showing bits of Roswell footage and a brief history of computing. Interesting that alongside Hypertext and Xanadu inventor Ted Nelson they also show John Lily, ECCO and all. Love John Lily's works, and even been tanking a few times. He's probably best known through the Altered States film with William Hurt.

Interesting computing/hacking timeline at

SE: Lain DVD

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Got hld of the SE:Lain DVD via eBay. Now just need to set aside the time to watch it :-(

Haibane Renmei

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Haibane Renmei is Yoshitoshi Abe's latest anime. YA did the character designs for Serial Experiments: Lain. Speaking of which I found the SE:Lain Ultimate Fan Guide at the Orcs Nest gaming shop while in London today. I finally get to learn what happens and what the whole story's about - sort of.
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