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Yahoo Query Language - Pipes on steriods (or sunk in SQL?)>

Semantic Info via Google

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This looks interesting - Google returning triples (unfortunately not in RDF) to factual type questions.


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"The Calais Web Service automatically creates rich semantic metadata for the content you submit - in well under a second. Using natural language processing, machine learning and other methods, Calais analyzes your document and finds the entities within it. But, Calais goes well beyond classic entity identification and returns the facts and events hidden within your text as well."

And it's from Thomson Reuters!

Now couldn't a bot have fun with that!

Topincs Topic Map Editor

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Topincs - Topic Maps Authoring and Storing

"My site is basically a Topic Map, so when I write articles, blog posts
and so forth, I'm also talking about stuff, pulling things together ; I use my old xSiteable
( tool for this, but that
tool is getting hopelessly out of date (and I indeed have a modern
version or two somewhere on my machine somewhere).

Oh, in this article ( I have a
graphical representation (graph) of a kind of world-view that I
created through Topic Maps, although it's not integrated into the rest
of the site. Which I should, shouldn't I?"

- from Topic Map List

RSS API for the BBC Movies Site

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SIMILE Timeline

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For ages I've had this idea of a Google Earth equivalent for time, a single timeline which you could layer lods of data on, and then zoom in and out to your hearts content. Now SIMILE, the MIT semantic web project has announced SIMILE | Timeline, described as "It is like Google Maps for time-based information." Looks good but I'll just have to have a play and see if it does all the things I dreamed of (and were too busy to write).

Site Graphs

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Great little graphing applet that draws your web site as a series of connected entities - I guess pages, images, links etc. This is the image for my Daden web site. I wish I knew what the colours meant!
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