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The BBC are having a Dark Side of the Moon day on Monday. Nice trailer video for the Tom Stoppard play - although more than a shade of Elysium about it.


Listening to Fish on Friday on Planet Rock, hosted by Fish of Marillion fame. Great programme, great music, and a presenter who's not afraid to play entire album sides.

Hype Machine and Seeqpod


Janice Long's R2 Show



0000 - 0300, but by the wonders of Listen Again I can listen to Janice Long's show as I work.

And of course it's like having our own local Moseley radio show, even the Bulls Head got a mention today as the show is recorded at the Mailbox in Birmingham and Janice lives near/in Moseley.

A worthy successor to Jane Gazzo as a DJ who is easy and fun to listen to, and who plays a good blend of the best modern music and 80s classics.

0 Degrees of Separation Tour



Went to the most wonderful nu-folk gig at the Glee Club organised by the Contemporary Music Network. There were 4 bands/artists, Adem, Vetiver, Vashti Bunyan & band and Juana Molina.

Unlike most gigs which would put them on one after another here the 4 bands shared the stage for almost the whole time, helping out on each others songs. Superb. The only exception, but also wonderful, was Juana who played on her own, but used a sampler to build up each line of the song, playing against numerous loops of herself.

There's lot of music samples at the relevant sites, and someone has posted video of the gig to YouTube.

Freak Zone Live


Off to the Freak Zone live tonight. Children of the Zone unite. Stuart Maconie's programme continues to be the best mucis show on the radio.

Stuart Maconie's Freak Zone


Stuart Maconie's Freak Zone has to be one of the best programmes on the radio at the moment - probably the best. Such a wonderful collection of obscure 60's psychedelia, folk and "fuzzy-felt" folk, and 70s library music. The only radio show I've ever heard Jade Warrior on, and hopefully soon Pooka. Regular Floyd too, and Tangerine Dream. I am truly a child on the zone.

The Blue Room


BBC - Radio 1 - The Blue Room

Just love listening to this - although listen on Listen Again during a sunny afternoon is better than catching it live 0500 - 0700! Wonderful collection of original music and totally chilled out presentation. The "milkman's tune" is always bliss.

October - What is it with the BBC. First they get rid of Jane Gazzo, now they've killed the Blue Room. At least Stuart Maconie is still going strong.

BBC1 Music Cubes

| - on demand music radio

|'s The Sundays virtual radio channel

Just like the virtual radio stations on MusicMatch, but a simpler client and less hassle. Just type in a band name and they play you music like that band. Type in The Sundays, and hey-presto an Annie Nightingale/ Jane Gazzo replacement. Much better than the new Dream Ticket.

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