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The Resonating Interval: Exploring the Tetrad

This looks like the best site so far on Tetrads, with lots of examples.

Looks like I'll have to resurrect my "model of the month" slot on the main Daden web site; and spend the next few train journeys creating my own tetrads for new and old media.

Email Newsletters and RSS

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Excellent Alertbox on email Newsletters and RSS feeds. The graphic above shows where the readers eye lingers when reading an email newsletter.


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TRENDWATCHING.COM: now the world's most visited source for Consumer Trends and Insights.

Definitely one of the better trend spotting sites I've seen. Maybe not a match for Cayce Pollard but it'll do.

Response rates

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The DMA has just pubilshed its latest response rates survey. Key summary:

"Response rates for Direct Mail as a whole are 11.6 per cent.
This is the average across 3,942 campaigns in both business-tobusiness
(B2B) and business-to-consumer (B2C). This includes
375 campaigns – 9.5 per cent of the total - that achieved
outstanding results of 30 per cent or more. Removing these
campaigns produces a more realistic average of 6.7 per cent.
The average response rate for B2B Direct Mail campaigns
stands at 10.9 per cent, but this includes 86 campaigns (5 per
cent of the total) with response rates over 50 per cent.
Excluding these reduces the mean response rate to 7.7 per
cent. Excluding all campaigns with a response rate above 30
per cent (a further 73 campaigns representing 4 per cent of the
total) further reduces the mean to 6.2 per cent.
For B2C Direct Mail campaigns, the overall average response
rate was 12.1 per cent. There were 105 campaigns – or 5 per
cent of the total – which achieved a response rate above 50
per cent. Removing these brings the mean response down to
8.9 per cent. If the further 112 campaigns (5 per cent of the
total) which pulled over 30 per cent are also excluded, the
overall average response rate for consumer Direct Mail falls to
7.1 per cent."

The US DMA does a similar report.

On-line Buyer Behaviour

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The Slow Tail: Time Lag Between Visiting and Buying (Jakob Nielsen's Alertbox)

Fascinating article from Alertbox on some ebuying research. Highlights are:

- Average conversion from a search ad click is 2%
- 50% of conversions happened in 28 minutes!
- 75% of the conversions occurred within 24 hours
- Orders didn't reach the 90% mark until 12 days
- it took four weeks to reach 95%.
- After two months, 99% of orders had been received
- final percent gained during the third month.
- For items costing less than $100, 90% of orders were received within eleven days.
- For items costing more than $300, it took eighteen days to reach that level.

There's a good chart summarising the data.

slow tail graph

Thus, the last 5% of orders happened more than four weeks after the initial click.

Had an article in Marketing this month looking at GoogelAds, and how they present marketeers with similar challenges to Haiku's. Read the full article below.

Marketing Emails

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DoubleClick have just issued their latest email marketing report.
This shows UK marketing email open rates at 40.1%, down from 43.2% last year, and email clickthrough rates at 6.3%, down from 7.4%. Compared to the rest of Europe the UK is around average at opening, but way down on clickthroughs.

For the marketeers, the nasty figure is that 14% of marketing emails bounced. Good news though is that HTML emails got a 13.7% CTR, over twice that of plain text.
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