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xkcd: Online Communities

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Nice map of online communities from web comic xkcd.

Wordle from Guardian

Underwhelmed by the Digital Britain report, but still a pity I won't be able to make the regional launch at the ICC today. The Wordle above nicely summarises the issues:

- dominance of Government
- Radio far stronger than TV or Internet (talk about aiming low)
- Ditto spectrum
- No mention of web 2.0 brands, technologies or principles

Overall it looks more like an "old media" report than a "new media" report, failing to grasp the possibly seismic change in communications that high speed broadband and mobile broadband could bring, and the changes in consumption (and production) patterns already happening.

Perhaps a better approach would have been a 3 part one:
- tidying up the old guard (radio, spectrum, BBC, Channel 4)
- rapid build-out of a next-gen infrastructure
- exploiting that infrastructure

Yahoo! Query Language - YDN

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Yahoo Query Language - Pipes on steriods (or sunk in SQL?)>

SXSW 2009 Twitter Visualizer

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We Feel Fine

| | TrackBacks (0) - looks a fun site mining emotion on the Internet.

Love it. Been meaning to do something like this myself in C# so I could wake up to my own newspaper. Must give it a try.

Mmm. This was hailed as being on a par with the Machine is Us video, and EPIC 2015 but its a bit more portmanteau than that. In this interesting but not earth shattering ramble he talks about Kurzweil's "Internet is as big as the brain" idea, Negroponte's Bit/Atom worlds, Internet 0 (the Internet of things), Berners-Lee's Semantic Web, Kevin Kelly is Exec Editor at Wired.

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