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All about how memes spread (although he doesn't use the word). Instead its about mavens, connectors and salemen.

As ever with US management books its too long - even though its quite short. The early stuff around mavens in good, bu twhen he starts going on at length about Blues Clues and Sesame Street I think it only has a tenuous link back to the tipping point concept.

The Tipping Point: How Little Things Can... - buy from Amazon

OGC SME Showcase

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Spent the day today at the Office of Government Commerce SME showcase. This was all about what the Government is doing to help SMEs sell to the public sector. It reported on the Midlands SME procurement portal project which acted as a clearing house for Midlands public sector organisations to advertise contracts - and resulted in a good few pieces of work going to SMEs. They also talked about standardisation of pre-qualification documents, clustering and teaming of SMEs, and plans for a national portal. The speaker from Wolverhampton Council also talked about the importance of personalising tender approaches and mail shots by showing that a) you'd actually read what the tender was for and were proposing a proper solution to it, and b) you'd actually researched the client and had knew the customers background, and what their "hot buttons" were. All in all a good day and well attended.

Tomorrow People - Review

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DO NOT BUY THIS BOOK! We've finished reading the Martin Raymond book and it is awful. Not only is the content so light and fluffy that you could make meringue out of it but the book does not look like it's even been properly proof read. Anybody make sense of this sentence - "Asking the question that company should really have being asking".


Tomorrow People

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No, not the wonderful old kids TV programme of the 70s, but obviously the current buzz in book publishing circles. We've picked up both Tomorrow's People by Dame Professor Susan Greenfield which looks at the whole techie side of things, post-humanism and the like, and The Tomorrow People by Martin Raymond, which looks at the consumer of the future, and the implications for marketeers and product managers. We'll post reviews in due course.
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