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Be great to get one of these hooked up to an SL avatar!

Great Super-Bowl ad from Coca-Cola

I've just posted a new video to the Daden YouTube channel showing our Halo automated avatar being put through her paces. This is a recording of the demo we gave at the BCS AI Special Interest Group conference in December, and includes a demo of the emotion work we have been doing with the University of Wolverhampton.

Adding Features to Halo

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Good day working on Halo. Amazingly quiet - the pre-Christmas lull I hope. New features added included:

  • Handling multiple facets in the triples engine
  • Catching a/an/the/null all in one case
  • Adding <plural> and <singular> to AIML
  • Making sure she uses topo waypoint movement even when going to an x/y/z location
  • A generic "sit" so she'll try and sit on the closest chair/sear/swing/bench within 10m, but otherwise on the ground (nice demo when you rez a chair for her)
  • Changed her internal heartbeat to 5 secs to improve following capability

6 more things on my hit list for tomorrow

abi and hamlet

James Wagner Au (aka Hamlet Au) bumped into our Abi chatbot when visiting our sim recently and wrote a lovely piece about her in New World Notes.

Cyber Extruder

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Cyber Extruder generates a face image for avatars like those in SL from a normal 2D photo of your face. Time to build my "real" self in SL!

Avatars will soon outnumber humans

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Quite nice take on the desktop avatar idea. Now if only one of those was an AI....

News at Seven

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Software generates video news bulletins - tech - 24 October 2006 - New Scientist Tech

Dynamic news from RSS feeds delivered by avatar. Nice.

Life in the Metaverse Blog

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Life in the Metaverse

Nice blog about 3D worlds (of which more soon). Pity there's no RSS feed.

Spoke too soon. The whole site is actually an RSS feed put through a rendering programme (though I don't know why they didn't just use CSS or XSLT. )
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