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Nice seasonal relaxation from Martyn Ware's Illustrious people

Neat little open source micro-controller for robotics and electronic arts projects. Keep wondering how you could hook Halo up to some external robotic device so as to give her a presence in the atom world in the same way that our avatars give us a presence in the digital world. What would you call such a thing? Is it still an avatar?

Adding Features to Halo

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Good day working on Halo. Amazingly quiet - the pre-Christmas lull I hope. New features added included:

  • Handling multiple facets in the triples engine
  • Catching a/an/the/null all in one case
  • Adding <plural> and <singular> to AIML
  • Making sure she uses topo waypoint movement even when going to an x/y/z location
  • A generic "sit" so she'll try and sit on the closest chair/sear/swing/bench within 10m, but otherwise on the ground (nice demo when you rez a chair for her)
  • Changed her internal heartbeat to 5 secs to improve following capability

6 more things on my hit list for tomorrow

Stunning images and video of the heart of the Milky Way. Never realised they were resolving the individual stars there. The image above is only 1 parsec across - just short of the distance from us to Alpha Centauri. Particularly striking as I'm reading Incandesence by Greg Egan which is set there.

Creating the GoogleCode pages for PIVOTE

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Love it. Been meaning to do something like this myself in C# so I could wake up to my own newspaper. Must give it a try.

Off to SGI for their funding event

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Sleety, snowy stuff falling in Brum

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Snow stopped :-(

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Sony Home video. Looking very nice, just those scene transitions and awkward gestures. Love the shadows. Assume the ghosted avatars are waiting to download, or are they non-friends?
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