Eightbar comment on my mirror worlds presentation

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Nice post by Ian Hughes/ePredator from IBM on the EightBar blog about my mirror worlds presentation at Virtual Worlds London

"The post lunch session began for me with the "Rise of Mirror Worlds and Mirror World Applications". Now dont get me wrong I like mirror worlds, but I was more taken with the sort of augmented mashup approach that David Burden of Daden took in showing the mirror world potential than initially the approach of Alex Wrottesly of Near and Mirko Caspar of Metaversum (Twinity). Alex was basiclaly coming out of "pseudo stealth" and sharing the Near concept of a 100% accurate model of a city with managed shop fronts and interiors for all the parties involved in the real place. Twinity was showing virtual Berlin and the sort of activities and popularity of having a real place to socialize in.
David showed google maps mashups with aeroplane arrival data and layering of reality with augmentations from various places."

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