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A day spent at Mashup*Events' Being Digital conference at BAFTA in London.

Panel Comments

Very sterile Advertising debate (but me.jpg) and haphazard Identity panel (must start using OpenID). Will Mclnnes' Content panel was much better but took a while to get to the nub of the matter finally caught by Ivan Pope (but spotted earlier by the texters) that the debate is not about content but the role of channels vs. aggregation and recommendation services - as someone said.

On the location panel Tim Warr fm Microsoft had some good stuff about the need for better and radical new interfaces for location data (augmented reality?). Richard Wahrman's Locomatrix company sounds fun - outdoor games over GSM/GPS - be good to get them to Brum - or into SL for a mixed reality game. 'Location is ubiquitous' had to be the phrase of the day!

Retail - Brent Hobermann talked through mydeco - neat affiliate model for furniture sales through your room designs. IKEA - multi-channel customer has x2.5 LTV

Search - Jeff Kelisky talked about 3D search and Mirror Worlds (2 MS employees almost talking sense!).

Pitch Comments

putplace = youtube, not web-cen = del.ic.ous
mapness=GE mash-up
phreadz=yet another cross-poster

Site Recommendations

headmap/scribed/hivemind fireeagle - location broker rummble - couple of mentions woe-yahoo-semantic location - social apps map taptu - mobile search


Lost count of the comments on Twitter outages. The need for proper semantic markup was highlighted again and again - but never discussed.
Mobile phone camera based AR driven by barcodes came up a couple of times.

Micropayments came up several times cf yesterdays Big Debate. Good SMS comment system from eventspace, again cf Big Debate - next a live wifi message board and then we can almost reproduce the SL experience in RL. Good food and venue.

In summary the whole event felt a bit like the dot-com boom re-visited. Less geeks than I expected, lots of marketing types, a few VCs, few corporate end users.

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