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Just over 5 months since I last posted here. The prolonged outage started when I tried to upgrade from MT1 to MT4, and found out halfway through the process that my hosting provider didn't support the latest version of MySQL. So I then went to find a new provider, then found that I'd lost the password to the domain name and it was still registered to my old STS email address, so that needed faxes to and fro across the Atlantic to sort out. I then got MT4 installed but found that it would let me edit posts and templates with tags in them, or change the archive mapping, so spent the last week or so sorting that out - finally found it was a config issue with the hosting provider - but at least they sorted it in about 12 of of working out of my asking.

So finally we're back up. Over the Easter hols I'll transfer all the images across, and sort out the intra-site links (especially for Headcrash/Flipside/Gushemege), sort design out and the home pages.

Then I can get cracking on what I wanted to do in the first place, integrating the blog with Twitter and Second Life, and then getting a blog ready for Deb's trip, and then migrating the Daden web site across to EUKHost and MT4.
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