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Hype Machine and Seeqpod

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First C# code and LibSL Bot

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How to create a basic libSL bot - libsecondlife

Wrote my first C# code today to start running a bot in SL through LibSL. Worked pretty well and soon extended the code to get the bot to do things - must fight the temptation to write a full remote bot controller and instead focus on the AI aspect!

SL down for the afternoon now, but projects for the next few weeks include:

- getting web services to work in C# so I can look up our existing Discourse bot engine rather than have to rewrite it in C#.

- getting C# to talk to TSAPI TTS API

- getting C# to talk to a USB prototyping board for mixed reality systems.


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A visual Nabaztag?

Birmingham's Not Shit

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Birmingham: It's Not Shit - what a great web site!

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