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Stuart Maconie's Freak Zone

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Stuart Maconie's Freak Zone has to be one of the best programmes on the radio at the moment - probably the best. Such a wonderful collection of obscure 60's psychedelia, folk and "fuzzy-felt" folk, and 70s library music. The only radio show I've ever heard Jade Warrior on, and hopefully soon Pooka. Regular Floyd too, and Tangerine Dream. I am truly a child on the zone.

The Singularity Is Near ***1/2

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Ray Kurzweil's book about GNR (Genetics-Nanotech-Robotics). The first 100 pages are very boring graphs about exponential returns, the last 100 pages are all notes, but somewhere in the middle 400 pages there's a great 200 page book struggling to get out. Certainly making me rethink my ideas about space and space exploration.

See my Seismic Shift essay/commentary for my take on Ray's ideas. Also read Charles Stross' Accelerando for an SF treatment of his ideas.


How this for a (windy and overcast but warm) Sunday:

  • Lunch at the wonderful Taste of Birmingham event in Cannon Hill park, tasting signature dishes from world-class restaurants like Simpsons, Opus, Le Petit Blanc, Bank, Henry Wongs etc

  • Watching the end of term ballet - A Midsummer's Nights Dream - at the Elmhurst School of Dance - associate school of the Birmingham Royal Ballet

  • Watching your kids at the end of term sharing at Stage 2 - Birmingham's great youth theatre company

Bootstrap Institute

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