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SIMILE Timeline

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For ages I've had this idea of a Google Earth equivalent for time, a single timeline which you could layer lods of data on, and then zoom in and out to your hearts content. Now SIMILE, the MIT semantic web project has announced SIMILE | Timeline, described as "It is like Google Maps for time-based information." Looks good but I'll just have to have a play and see if it does all the things I dreamed of (and were too busy to write).

Tetons in Spring

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There's still snow on them there Tetons.

Site Graphs

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Great little graphing applet that draws your web site as a series of connected entities - I guess pages, images, links etc. This is the image for my Daden web site. I wish I knew what the colours meant!


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Originally uploaded by halo4256.

Nabaztag! No its not my hay-fever coming back but the cute bunny now sitting on our breakfast bar. Like Harvey he's white, but unlike the famous film rabbit he's only 20cm tall, conical, glows with multi-coloured lights, has rotating ears, and is French.

Email Newsletters and RSS

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Excellent Alertbox on email Newsletters and RSS feeds. The graphic above shows where the readers eye lingers when reading an email newsletter.

The Long View of The Long Now

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longbets timeline

Great Long Now >long time-line chatring tool, shown with Long Bets data.

Flexx - our own Nabaztag

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nabaztag rabbit

Travelling back from London yesterday writing my Birmingham Post column on the Nabaztag wifi bunny my resolve finally snapped. 30 minutes after arriving at new St I was in Selfridges buying a Nabaztag. (That in itself was an interesting use of the web - I used the browser on my phone to search Nabatag and Birmingham, and discovered that Selfridges are the only bricks & mortar stockists in the country!)

The Nabaztag, christened Flexx by Ruth, performed flawlessly, finding the WiFi network and taking its first set of commands. Even better I then found that it already has a REST based API, and by just after midnight I had it reading the BBC TV schedule via the new Backstage BBC TV API. isn't the web wonderful.

Click here or on the image above to play the movie (1MB WMV)

If you want to send a message to Flexx, our Nabaztag bunny, just use the button below.

The Blue Room

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BBC - Radio 1 - The Blue Room

Just love listening to this - although listen on Listen Again during a sunny afternoon is better than catching it live 0500 - 0700! Wonderful collection of original music and totally chilled out presentation. The "milkman's tune" is always bliss.

October - What is it with the BBC. First they get rid of Jane Gazzo, now they've killed the Blue Room. At least Stuart Maconie is still going strong.

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