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Launceston steam fair

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Launceston steam fair

Originally uploaded by halo4256.

The New Hacker's Dictionary

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The New Hacker's Dictionary, version 4.1.4, 17 June 1999

Good resource found whilst trying to find a good list of *actions* to put into Halo.

Most common job title

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Gisborne Regional Profile

I was looking for data on the most common job titles and found this from Gisborne NZ. Interesting in the light of my Colony Alpha and Survivors work.

Jobs Advertised* 2004**
Forest Hand 91
General Clerk 35
Sales Assistant 27
Care Giver 20
Fruit Grower, Worker 15
Registered Nurse 13
Primary School Teacher 13
Sales Representative 13
Carpenter and/or Joiner 11
Shepherd or Musterer 9

BTW GNER Wifi works lots better with images turned off.


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Orange Business Services - GNER case study

BTW this mornings posts are being made over the GNER WiFi connection on the train going from Kings Cross to Leeds. Why oh why doesn't Virgin have this, I'd never need to leave the train (and Virgin has free breakfasts, unlike GNER!)

P.S. For some reason though my Google search is defaulting to Sweden - perhaps the train isn't going to Leeds after all.....

Large Scale Structure

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diagram of universe

A good diagram and quadrant map of the large scale structure of the universe.


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nabaztag rabbit

Nabaztag is the N a b a z t a g > Home >first smart rabbit, which sits on the end of a wifi connection and tells you what is going on in the world. First reports are that its not as brilliant as it could be, but the hacks have already started to appear. Would be great to have one to play with, but £80 is just over my "dispoable" limit.

papero robot

PaPeRo FAN - Photo and image collection

PaPeRo is the NEC's personal robot, a "partner for people".

space signpost

Futurelab - Showcase - Futurelab projects - Welcome to the Neighbourhood - Space Signpost

A new approach to the public understanding of science that allows people to explore the solar system while standing in a city street. Users control a moving signpost that points to objects in the solar system while navigating through space via a digital interface.

big weekend in second life

Ever danced the future?

This weekend BBC Radio 1 held a version of the Big Weekend festival in the Second LIfe virtual world. The BBC has bought an island in the world to use for this and future events. The festival was held in a large white hall, parked outside were the usual mix of buggies, sports cars and attack helicopters, although most people came by teleport. Inside you could pick up and pair of headphones which streamed Radio 1, or watch aqnd listen to the live broadcast of the festival on the big screen. A dispenser handily loaded you up with a set of dance scripts so that you could set your avatar dancing the night away. It also let you use a couple of light sticks, and hey after holding them in your hand for a while you could start attaching them to your feet - or anywhere else.

There were probably 40+ Second Lifers at the festival on each day. Mostly a pretty normal looking bunch, although quite a few furries, a guy who was surrounded by flames, and a demonic leather-clad honcho who filled the room with smoke - but switched it off when people comlpained it was hitting their bandwidth.

Everybody was full of praise for the BBC for doing this - the first time everybody thought that a big corporate had done somethign like it in SL, or any VR world. It must have taken sone doing as well, sorting out all those dance scripts just for a start, and the video feed. The American's just couldn't get over the fact that a broadcaster would do something like this, that it wasn't for profit but just because, hey it would be fun to try it.

Hopefully the BBC will be encouraged to do more events in SL. And when you statr joining up all the current BBC new media activity, SL, Backstage, the new VideoPlayer, the BBC Catalogue, TVAnytime, podcasting, the new Year Zero Web 2.0 home page, just where might the BBC take us all...

Go to flickr photostream

BBC1 Music Cubes

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VR Rooms

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virtual room

News Service: Iowa State University

Iowa State's C6 opened in June 2000 as the country's first six-sided virtual reality room designed to immerse users in images and sound. The graphics and projection technology that made such immersion possible hasn't been updated since the C6 opened. More than $4 million in equipment upgrades will shine 100 million pixels on Iowa State University's upgraded six-sided virtual reality room.

That's twice the number of pixels lighting up any virtual reality room in the world and 16 times the pixels now projected on Iowa State's C6, a 10-foot by 10-foot virtual reality room that surrounds users with computer-generated 3-D images. That means the C6 will produce virtual reality at the world's highest resolution.

- Love to go to There or Second Life, or even Google Earth in that.

BTW the BBC is staging a concert in Second Life this weekend. Must try and go along.

The Future in Movies

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An introduction to Projections: A Futurist at the Movies.

A great web site. Pity it hasn't got a simlper tagging/search system. A few photos would be nice too.


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pembroke coast

Our annual pilgrimage to Pembrokeshire (and St David's) with the MAM crowd. Wonderful weather on Bank Holiday Monday.
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