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Finally we get some snow this winter. Goign walking on Offa's Dyke tomorrow, so lets hope it stays around. According to my homepage webcams Y Garn even has some snow in Snowdonia and Crich is covered in the stuff.

Advert - Vodafone - Under The Tree

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Vodafone - Under the Tree

Just loved the song and the ad. Pity the orginal Water Babies version isn't as good.

Advert - Sony Bravia

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Sony BRAVIA - The Advert

Another great ad. Just need that Vodafone one to complete the set.

Locas *****

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Finally got the Locas graphic novel in hardback, all 704 pages off it. Just a beautiful book. I can remember buying the smaller graphic novel collections - Ape Sex, Love & Rockets etc back in the 80s, I even used a Locas image on the front of a (very) limited edition Army communications training manual I did. And for some reason I also remember reading about Maggie and Hopey sat in The Point in Milton Keynes shortly after it opened. Wonderful book, just wonderful.

Some great Locas images at http://www.hoppers13.com/love/black.html

Pencil Shavings

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Pencil Shavings

Nice blog. Bumped into it looking for a decent Los Locas picture ( see next blog entry! )

Charles Stross - Singularity Sky

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Read heard a lot about this so finally got a copy. About a third of the way through and can't see what all the fuss is about yet.

Dreadful book. Nice set-up (what happens in a bunch of aliens handing out coruncopia machines - machines that make everything and fulfil your every wish - turn up), but it never really exploits it, instead opting for a pointless space-opera.

Here's a call to action. I've created a Digital Birmingham group at Frappr! Just go to http://www.frappr.com/digitalbirmingham, put yourself on the map, take a look at your digital neighbours, and demonstrate your commitment to a truly digital Birmingham. And don't forget to tell your friends.....

Digital Birmingham launches today in Chamberlain Square. Kids and half-term willing I might head down there to find out what all the fuss is about. My Digital Birmingham guide tells me that Birmingham is leading the digital revolution and that the city will be “embracing the latest technology .. to ensure our city and its workforce are ahead of the game”.

Needless to say that got me thinking. What would be on my shopping list for a Digital Birmingham?

Web Description Standards

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Web Description

Who needs one web description standard when you can have 30 or so!

Digital Birmingham on Frappr

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Digital Birmingham Frappr!

Birmingham Council is launching a Digital Birmingham initiative on 14 Feb. Writing my Birmingham Post column today (also due out on 14/2) about the initiative it struck me it would be good fun to create a Frappr group around the initiative and see if we can see who and where the digerati of Birmingham are. So if your based in or aroudn the city please follow the link above and put yourself on the map.

Virtual Democracy

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From Headstar's eGovernment newsletter:

+03: Virtual Worlds 'Emerging as Tool for Democracy'.

Virtual online worlds and videogames could play a key part in engaging young people and others in the democratic process, a discussion meeting hosted by the New Statesman magazine heard this week.

Jo Twist, newly-appointed head of the digital society and media programme at the Institute of Public Policy Research, said virtual worlds and online games are "emerging as very graphically-rich places where younger people - future voters and citizens - are spending a lot of their time. They are giving up time watching TV and looking at other media to play games."

With so many people engaged in these environments - 26.5 million in the UK alone - there are major emerging opportunities to develop educational or democratic spaces within them, Twist said.

"Gaming has been used as a tool for education and policy: the History Channel used [the game] Brothers in Arms to help educate people about World War II," she said. And during the last presidential election race in the US, political campaign offices were set up within the virtual world 'Second Life' (http://secondlife.com/), home to more than 100,000 virtual residents or 'avatars' controlled by real people. "It has also been used as a base for government research, and academic lectures have taken place there."

When one delegate objected that most young people play games purely to have fun and shoot things, Twist said modern gaming was far more sophisticated than many realised. Virtual worlds were entered by real people with real social issues that could be played out online, she said. Real money could even be raised in a virtual world, with a campaign in Second Life for hurricane Katrina victims raising thousands of dollars.

After the meeting Twist told E-Government Bulletin she intends to initiate research into e-democracy and gaming at the IPPR. In the meantime, the leading work in this field is being carried out in a project run by New York Law School entitled 'Democracy Island,' a three-dimensional virtual democratic space. (http://dotank.nyls.edu/DemocracyIsland.html ).

RDF Gravity

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Nice RDF visualisation tool.

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