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The Movies - Machinima Grows Up

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The French Democracy is the new Machinima that is causing a real stir both on and off line. It's been created using The Movies, the new PC game which includes a movie making kit, and appears to be fst becoming the Machinima medium of choice.

The French Democracy is one Frenchman's take on the Paris Riots of 2005. It's runs for about 12 minutes and is a pretty good film in itself, as well as a great showcase for The Movies. Time to buy I think.....


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Very nice looking portal/start-page environment.

Don't invent XML Languages

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ongoing · Don%u2019t Invent XML Languages

Nice piece by Tim Bray abojut avoiding creating new XML languages.

Top Search terms of 2005

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2005 in Review: The Year's Top Search Terms

Google, Yahoo, AOL etc top search terms for 2005. Guess Ares and Baidu passed me by.

Along with Auld Lang Syne the New Year always brings with it a rash of predictions for the coming year. Rather than add my own predictions I thought it might be interesting to do a poll of polls, and see what the top 5 items are from the lists I've read over the pass week. The predictions come from over a dozen sources, ranging from The Guardian to individual bloggers.

Heim Hyperdrive

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New Scientist SPACE - Features - Take a leap into hyperspace

AIAA winning paper, Mars in 3 hours, 11 light years in 80 days!

Sunrise over the Tetons

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tetons sunrise

Courtesy of web cams and a Konfabulator desktop widget I've been watching the sunrise over the Teton's this (their) morning. Just breathtaking. Definitely suffering from snow withdrawal. I then, somewhat confusingly watch sunrise over Hawkes Bay in New Zealand tomorrow morning!


tetons sunrise

tetons sunrise

tetons sunrise

tetons sunrise

Entrepreneur Ideas for 2006

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The Entrepreneurial Mind: What is Hot for 2006

Nice set of ideas, particularly the chocolate cafe!

Death of RSS

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» It's time to bury RSS | Software as services | ZDNet.com

Interesting atricle which rightly lambasts the folder by folder approach and gets closer to the Webphet approach I'm working on - a "river of news" apparently Dave Winer calls it. Phil asks people to publish their Rivers of News, I might just do so.


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Stunning site. It lets you search the content of a podcast, and then start the podcast from any of the words near your target words.

BBC News Archive

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BBC - BBC News The Open News Archive - Home

Under the Creative Archive project the BBC has started to release clips from past news stories. Nothing really earth shattering yet (Berlin Wall, 1966 cup final), no Falklands, 9/11 etc but good to see it start.

Internet Maps

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The Opte Project

Some glorious maps of the Internet. Only a year old too!

What Is Your Dangerous Idea?

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Interesting site and essays, with a current focus on their Annual Edge Question - "What Is Your Dangerous Idea." A quick sample:

The world may fundamentally be inexplicable

There aren't enough minds to house the population explosion of memes

After several generations of living in the computer culture, simulation will become fully naturalized. Authenticity in the traditional sense loses its value, a vestige of another time.

When will the Internet become aware of itself?

The Multiverse

Being alone in the universe

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