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When Reality Blurs - BPost 051004

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Ever wanted to be a roadie, a film star, a CEO? Now you can be. With 20Lives the Nokia Game, whose loss I lamented here a year ago, is back.

The premise is simple. Every day you play one of 20 different lives. Living out a day in the life of one of the characters. The nicest touch is that all of the game is in a first person perspective, you see people and places only through your character's eyes – and there are a lot of people talking right in your face. Each of the lives is interlinked, inhabiting the same city. You'll play one character one day, only to find yourself encountering that same character the next day whilst you're in somebody else's skin. Useful information comes fast and without warning, and you soon learn to keep a pen and paper handy.


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Last.fm - on demand music radio

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Last.fm's The Sundays virtual radio channel

Just like the virtual radio stations on MusicMatch, but a simpler client and less hassle. Just type in a band name and they play you music like that band. Type in The Sundays, and hey-presto an Annie Nightingale/ Jane Gazzo replacement. Much better than the new Dream Ticket.

omniGraffle and Anthracite

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Mapping del.icio.us with Anthracite and OmniGraffle

Some nice Mac visualisation and dat aminign tools here. Now where's the PC equivalents.

Blog Usability

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Weblog Usability: The Top Ten Design Mistakes (Jakob Nielsen's Alertbox)

Good article (as ever) by Jakob Nielsen on good blog design. I think I only fall foul of 3 of his Top 10 mistakes. So look out shortly for my biog (although I'm sure that's linked in somewhere, my photo (ditto), and a postings greatest hits!


New Scientist SPACE - Breaking News - China launches two 'taikonauts' into orbit

They're building up to a manned space station in 5 years, then the moon, and mars?

Science Visualisation

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Slide Show: Science and Engineering Visualization Challenge 2005

Wonderful collection of diagrams and images illustrating various aspects of science. An annual competition.

TMRA 05 - Topic Maps Conference

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TMRA'05 %u2014 first day | Larsblog

Good write-up on the recent Topic Maps conference in Leipzig.


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Mightyv is another web based EPG.

(this is what comes of entering the BBC Backstage TVAnytime competition. Our chatbot based talking EPG is called Charlotte.


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Homebrew PC bsed PVR. Very nice.

Conscious Entities

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Conscious Entities: leading theories about consciousness, and the mind. Looks like an interesting portmantaeu of ideas on conciousness.

Wax Audio

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Radio 1's Blue Room

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Oh well, in the absence of Jane Gazzo looks like I'll have to hang out in Radio 1's The Blue Room.

Their George Bush version of Lennon's Imagine was wonderful!

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