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Doesn't anybody remember La Bouche? Not the German funk group but the English dance/performance group formed by Philip Chambon and Andy Arthurs in the mid/late 80s. Having moved on to MP3'ing my tapes I've found both the Yet Another Crisis and the "The Attractions of Living in a Bungalow" albums, plus of course the "Chasing the Mirage". If it wasn't for a supurious hit on some holiday site this La Bouche would be a Googlewhack. Anybody know what ever become of them, or have similar fond memories of them? One of their best visual piece was a breakfast table scene, two members eating cornflakes and the only sounds coming as each member hit a Simmonds SDS-8 electronic drum pad kit to generate the snap, crackle and pop! (and yes I know I'm mixing my cereal metaphors!)

Found this on a half-built old site at

Chambon studied music and recording at the University Of Surrey in England.

After leaving he involved himself in songwriting and obtained publishing
deals with United Artists Music and ATV Music. He performed extensively
with the band ‘Tonight’ and co-wrote their Top 10 hit ‘Drummer

This led to work as a record producer co-producing acts with Andy Arthurs
for Warner Brothers, EMI and Phonogram.

In 1983 he participated as a musician on the International Dance Course
for Choreographers and Composers with John Cage and Merce Cunningham as
Directors and in 1984 as a composer with choreographer Christopher Bruce
as Director.

Inspired by working with dance, he co-formed with Andy Arthurs the music
and contemporary dance group ‘La Bouche’. The music was composed
and performed using the latest digital sampling technology (all the sounds
were created by the human voice) and choreographed by leading choreographers.
PC performed constantly with ‘La Bouche’ (live and on TV) and
co-created 3 full length shows - ‘Amusing Ourselves To Death’,
‘Yet Another Crisis’, and ‘The Attractions Of Living In
a Bungalow’. In 1990 ‘La Bouche’ recorded the CD ‘Chasing
The Mirage’ and subsequently signed a record deal with Sony Records.

In 1987 PC composed music for the modern ballet ‘Swansong’ choreographed
by Christopher Bruce and commissioned by English National Ballet. Since
then Swansong has been in the repertoire of four other companies (Houston
Ballet, Deutsche Oper Ballet, Geneva Ballet and Rambert Dance Company)
and is still with Rambert Dance Company today. He has also collaborated
on two other ballets with Christopher Bruce - ‘Nature Dances’
(1992) and ‘Stream’ (1996).

Collaborations with contemporary dance companies include ‘Let’s
Begin’ (1985) for the National Youth Dance Theatre and ‘The
Breeze Of Compromise’ (1993) for Blueprint Dance Company both with
choreographer Peter Purdy, ‘Prophecy’ (1995) for The Shawbrook
Choreographic Workshop in Ireland and ‘Double Vision’ (1998)
both with choreographer Sonia Rafferty, ’ In:site’ (2000) for
the Derngate Theatre, Northampton with choreographers Amanda Gough and
Sonia Rafferty.

In 1994 he collaborated with visual artist Shaheen Merali on the art gallery
installation ‘Channels and Echoes’ commissioned by Angel Row
Gallery in which the audience interacted with sound beams which triggered
samples of pre-composed music. This later moved to the South London Gallery.
He also worked with Merali on ‘Paradigms Lost’ - an installation
on a bus which toured Scotland.

He has also composed for installations in the Dubai Museum, Jersey Museum,
Birmingham Museum and The Museum Of Mankind, London.

In 1990 PC also began composing for TV (documentaries, adverts, and title

TV documentaries include ‘Pears On A Willow Tree’ (1991) for
BBC2, ‘Rivers Of Sand’ (1992) for Channel 4, ‘Abantero’
(1995) for Channel 9 Swiss TV, ‘Wings Over Africa’ (1997), ‘World’s
Tallest Buildings’ (2000) and ‘Avalanche’ (2001) all for
The Discovery Channel.

TV adverts include Dettox (1995), Nurofen (1996), Nissan Cars (1999).

PC has composed Idents and title music for most of the major TV companies.

He has also a long list of credits for his music to video work. Clients
have included British Airways, Nissan, Opel, Zanussi, Eurotunnel, BMG,
Jaguar, BT and Orange.

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