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What do Hogwarts and Tottenham Court Road tube station have in common? Moving pictures, that's what.

On a recent trip to London I found that all of the advertising posters on the Northern Line escalator at Tottenham Court Road tube had been replaced by LCD displays. We've become accustomed to seeing these as one-off advertising displays in post offices and shops. However to be suddenly confronted by 40 or 50 of them doing no more than cycling through adverts for West End Shows, recruitment companies and sunglasses made me realise just how ubiquitous this new media is about to become.


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CodeBaby - hello human are the latest runners in the virtual agent stakes. Pity that it needs a 1MB download and doesn't work with Firefox. I'll have to fire up IE and take a look.

La Bouche

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Doesn't anybody remember La Bouche? Not the German funk group but the English dance/performance group formed by Philip Chambon and Andy Arthurs in the mid/late 80s. Having moved on to MP3'ing my tapes I've found both the Yet Another Crisis and the "The Attractions of Living in a Bungalow" albums, plus of course the "Chasing the Mirage". If it wasn't for a supurious hit on some holiday site this La Bouche would be a Googlewhack. Anybody know what ever become of them, or have similar fond memories of them? One of their best visual piece was a breakfast table scene, two members eating cornflakes and the only sounds coming as each member hit a Simmonds SDS-8 electronic drum pad kit to generate the snap, crackle and pop! (and yes I know I'm mixing my cereal metaphors!)

Virtual Newscasters For Hire

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Over at Advanced Chatbot Solutions we've just luanched our NewsBot service. It takes an RSS, RDF or ATOM feed and has it read out as speech by one of the SitePal avatars. Check out the Press Release or visit the demo site.
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