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Finally got hold of the first volume DVD of Ghost in The Shell - Stand Alone Complex from a cracking comic and game shop in Bristol.

- Nowhere near as good as the movie. Never mind.

Joe Sacco in Iraq

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The Guardian Weekend has an excellent Graphic Novel take on life with the US military in Iraq courtesy of Joe Sacco.

Dominick Hide on DVD

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The BBC to release the Flipside of Dominick Hide DVD on 5 April 2005. Pre-Order Now!

Read all about Dominick Hide on my micro-site at www.dominickhide.com - it's simply the best TV SF ever done.

Innovation - Birmingham Post 050215

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For some reason this last month has all been about innovation. It started with chairing a small working party for AWM looking at how we can promote innovation within the Region's ICT companies and ended with a survey from the Marketing Society asking all about innovation - which got me thinking a bit more about the whole innovation process.

Brianstorms (sic)

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brianstorms weblog: The Past Is Also Here. And It's Also Not Evenly Distributed Yet.

Good blog - and a wonderful history of the Gibson citation.

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