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While doing the research for the Birmingham Post article below I was trying to find the name of a wonderful ambient installation in Cannon Hill park in the late 90s. In my web search I stumbled upon Bobby Bird and the HIA - he and his friends put the Cannon Hill event on - it was called 7/8ths of a second after the time it takes time to travel across the park.

HIA did an album called Birmingham Frequencies. Intrigued by tracks named from the places around me in Moseley I bought the CD. It's wonderful. If you like ambient buy it. The Cannon Hill Park track in particular is wonderful. He also did a CD called SHADO - guess that goes on my wants list.

Birmingham Bloggers


Andy Pryke has just added me to his list of Birmingham Bloggers. Interesting to see who else is around.

I've started doing a monthly column on e-business for the Birmingham Post. I'll post the original unedited texts here.

A Digital Park?

The other week I went to a presentation organized by Birmingham Forward to hear about the Eastside development, and its showpiece library and City Park. Structurally the plans look magnificent, and as an occasional heavy user of the Central Library I’m still all for collections of paper books. However it did get me thinking about whether the site could also act as a showpiece for electronic communication for the city.


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The kids are using Kar2ouche at school to make stories and storyboards. Really good looking package.


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is being hailed as the new Google. Its founders are ex-Autonomy and it put Autonomy style search capabilities on your PC. Worth a download I think.

- Just had a quick play. Don't like the results listing much but the "Brain" type results map is very nice - if showing a bit too few results. Just downloaded the desktop version. Let's see what that's like.

Digital Dashboard

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Ambient Devices have a cracking take on technology. They are using web and other data feeds to drive analog devices like the meters above, or just pulsating coloured orbs. The meters are wonderful. You could set one for how much mail you have, another for hits to your web site and another for the state of web traffic. Cool.

Ammonia on Mars?

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BBC is reporting that ESA's Mars Express has found ammonia on Mars. The only accepted sources for this are active volcanoes or life. We haven't seen the former, so does that mean the latter?


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Finished the manuscript, hurrah. Just the rewrites and the editing to go :-( Be good to get to bed before 1am again. Posted it off to Steve Jackson Games, they should come back with comments by the end of next week. Now relaxing in front of some Anime.

Happy First Birthday

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Hey I've kept the blog going for a year. I know it's been a bit quiet for the last month but I've been busy writing a book. More details to follow. Also changes at work (I'm leaving Aseriti and probably setting up on my own) mean that although blogging is low on the priority at the moment it's likely to be important going forward as this becomes just yet another part of my marketing mix. So happy birthday Converjed. Roll on Year 2.

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