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Last modified: November 07, 2009, at 03:53 PM

Research Index: Emotions | Motivation? | 3-body? | Navigation? | Appearance? | Memory? | MetaSelf?

OK, so the shape of this is starting to emerge:

Can we create an autonomous avatar within a virtual world with a similar scope of action and reaction to a human controlled avatar, and which is regularly mistaken for a human controlled avatar?

  1. Introduction
  2. Literature Search
  3. Global Architecture?
  4. Chat? Engine
  5. Navigation? - how does the bot navigate through sims, and sim to sim
  6. Appearance?
  7. Emotions
  8. Motivation? and Action
  9. Memory?
  10. MetaSelf?

This page will link out to specific research questions/tasks/projects which may end up forming part of/chapters of the thesis.

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