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Last modified: November 09, 2011, at 06:14 PM

These are my published peer reviewed papers on AI and other topics:

AI and Virtual Worlds

Deploying embodied AI into virtual worlds
Presented at the AI-2008 Twenty-eighth SGAI International Conference on Artificial Intelligence CAMBRIDGE, ENGLAND 9-11 DECEMBER 2008, and printed in Knowledge-Based Systems; Volume 22, Issue 7, October 2009, Pages 540-544; Artificial Intelligence 2008 - AI-2008, The twenty-eighth SGAI International Conference on Artificial Intelligence;http://dx.doi.org/10.1016/j.knosys.2008.10.001.

This is very much a scene-setting paper, setting out my views about how virtual worlds and AI interact, and the key role that virtual worlds might play in the development of AI. Think of it as the introduction to the thesis.
Applying Techniques from Intelligent Robotics to Autonomous Avatars in Virtual Worlds
Produced as the output of our TSB funded project with the University of Birmingham
Emotionally Responsive Robotic Avatars as Characters in Virtual Worlds
Presented at the IEEE/SGI Serious Virtual Worlds Conference in March/April 2009. First paper on my work with Wolverhampton.
Enhancing Characters for Virtual Worlds and Interactive Environments through Human-Like Enhancements
Chapter in "Handbook of Research on Practices and Outcomes in Virtual Worlds and Environments" published by IGI Global 2011. DOI: 10.4018/978-1-60960-762-3.ch002, ISBN13?: 9781609607623

Virtual Worlds and Education

Creating and Assessing a Virtual Patient Player in Second Life
The initial paper describing the PREVIEW project for the ReLive08? conference at the Open University
Virtual Patients in a Virtual World
Medical Teacher, Virtual Patients Special Issue, Informa Healthcare Journal

Virtual Worlds and Data Visualisation

Web GIS in practice VI: a demo playlist of geo-mashups for public health neogeographers
International Journal of Health Geographics 2008, 7:38, 18 Jul 08 (and at PubMed) local copy
Web GIS in practice V: 3-D interactive and real-time mapping in Second Life
International Journal of Health Geographics 2007, 6:51, 27 Nov 07 local copy )

See also the White Papers I've written at Daden.

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