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Last modified: July 08, 2010, at 05:02 PM

Welcome to David's Research Wiki

The aim of this wiki is to collect together my notes, papers and work on Artificial Intelligence, in particular AI within virtual worlds. Ultimately this wiki will hopefully support my PhD (when I get around to registering for one), and indeed the wiki may become my Thesis (is it possible to submit a wiki?). To that end the wiki may well be structured along Thesis lines.

This PmWiki instance also supports my Traveller? Wiki, my Wargaming Wiki and my Futures Wiki.

If you've any questions about this wiki or my work then please contact me at david.burden@daden.co.uk.

Why Virtual Worlds are important within the context of artificial intelligence
What the key research question is that I am trying to address
My literature search
Specific research activities undertaken
Pulling it all together
Conclusions (one day!)
Don't y'love them

Things to do
This to do/read/research
MI2008 Entry
Somewhat rashly I entered for this, these are my development notes
CogSci Thinking
My summaries/thoughts on Cog Sci issues
The AI Platform used to support the research
Thoughts about structure - although also in SpecificProjects?
I'll also link in the HTML version of my Kurzweil The Brain ontology/mindmap
Web Links
See Delicious page

Published Papers:

Published Articles/Major Blog Posts

Related Projects:

These are projects that I've been involved with that have some bearing on this work.

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