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steve berry Steve Berry

STEVE BERRY is Managing Director of Himalayan Kingdoms Ltd, Wotton-u-Edge, founded in 1987, now one of the UK's foremost trekking holiday operators. In 1993 Himalayan Kingdoms were the first British company to guide clients to the summit of Everest.

Born in Shillong, India, just south of the Bhutanese border in the Himalayan foothills. Steve has returned to the Himalaya many times as leader of numerous treks and expeditions. These include the first British ascent of Nun Kun in Kashmir and attempts on Cho Oyu in Nepal and Gangkar Punsum in Bhutan. His book 'The Thunder Dragon Kingdom', is an account of Britain's first climbing expedition to Bhutan. He also made the first official ascent of the highest peak in Outer Mongolia.

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Ann Clare Fourcin

'I am Ann-Clare Fourcin - the last member to introduce themselves, albeit when we have already set off and now in Astrakhan (see a map)!

I couldn't resist the opportunity of a long journey like this and when it was suggested to me by the Hillebrandts did all I could to try and make it possible. This has involved complex childcare arrangements and last minute reports at work- hence the lateness of this entry. All I think, well worth it - so far!

The ability to deal with the unpredictable and a knowledge of car mechanics would be desirable qualities ... '

dave hildebrand

sally hildebrand
Dave & Sally Hillebrandt

David enjoys travelling and is looking forward to this holiday drive with his wife, Sally and some friends. Sally enjoys travelling and is looking forward to this holiday drive with her husband David and some friends.
John Harvey

Thumbnail image for IMG_5461.JPG Roger Hoyle

Hello to anyone reading this. I'm Roger. The one that looks like Steve - or is it the other way round? (If you're confused, I'm the taller one by the way!) Anyway, this is a photo of me ealier this year in southern India. I'm the one appropriately sitting in the front passenger seat!

This will be my third trip overland to India. The first time was in 1971, when a friend gave me a lift to Dover, and put me on the ferry; and then I hitched from Calais - young and naive, and looking for adventure. The second time was in 1998, when I travelled by train and car - somewhat older(!), and a lot less naive, but still excited by the prospect of adventure. This time I'll be sharing the driving, I'll be with friends, and it will be a different experience again. I can't wait.......!


Jeremy Phillips

Jeremy is: husband of Mary/father of Laura, Toby, Joe, Rachel & Adam/full-time barrister/part-time bodger & one-time motorcyclist (who hasn't completely given up hope of a return to the saddle one day..). After more than 30 years of law he feels he deserves release on parole for (generally) good behaviour. Mary (who, with Steve's wife Seraphina, will be using the time to flirt with cowboys 'down on the range'), agrees!

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deborah shaw

Deborah Shaw

Deborah loves to travel and meet people. Having spent the last 15 years bringing up her daughters Joanna and Ruth and catering to husband David's every whim she's glad of the opportunity to finally break free and get to see some of the world again. Revisit Manali and Dharmsala will be great fun, and especially trekking in the Himalayas. David has weighed her down with so much electronic gadgetry she'll probably burn out the Chinese National Grid.

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