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Text from Deborah

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Got a text from Deb today:

"Not been ale to get to any internet places since Prague due to driving times and breakdowns delaying the journey. But OK, if wet with torrential rain for the main part. Coming up to Russia."

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Virtual Blog

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Whilst we're waiting for them to stop long enough to find a cyber cafe I thought I'd try and keep a virtual blog of the trip, using Flickr photos identified by Google Earth to show what they should be seeing - if they are keeping to plan. Perhaps we ought to have a sweepstake as to how many times my photos match theirs!

The link will always be available on the right hand side of the page - just below the fold.

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We drove from Birmingham to Wootton-under-Edge in the rain. We helped load the Landcruisers in the rain. They posed for the team photo in the rain. We said our goodbyes in the rain. They drove off in the rain. We drove back to Birmingham in the rain. Perhaps its to make up for the deserts they've got coming.

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