End of Spiti Trek

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Aged Hippie here again!   Just back from a fantastic trek in Spiti.   What a beautiful region!   Very like Ladakh with phenonemal scenery, gorges, mountains and pretty Tibetan-like villages.   Staggering monasteries.   Saw a herd of Blue Sheep, two wild foxes playing, lots of interesting birds, crossed a 15,500ft pass, visited the amazing temples at Tabo, passed through a police check post by mistake without stopping in the vehicles (had to go back and make amends).   Met all sorts of interesting people including 4 climbers from Austria who were 'bouldering in a remote valley and seemed stoned most of the time!  Were stopped from driving onto Shimla by a massive landslide which had swept away 400 metres of road, so we returned the way we had come.   Encountered terrible traffic jams on the Rotang Pass and used our low ratio gears and Diff Locks to go off road to get past the jams.  Sraped the Silver landcruiser on a lorry as we tetered past it - never mind.


Love to all my family [and yes I miss you too Ellie (and Tara and Snowy and the goldfish)]


Bye - off to Mandi now, and then Shimla tomorrow.



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