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Aged Hippie here.   I am in an internet cafe in Manali  -  drums are beating outside (some festival in progress I think) and it is late at night.

Thanks Katie for your lovely comment, and yes I miss you loads.   I have often read your wonderful card and looked at the photo you gave me.  You desperately need to improve your spelling though!!

It seems a year since we left Wotton-u-Edge - so much has happened.   Every day brings fresh adventures.   Tomorrow we get up early and drive over two big Himalayan passes on our way to Spiti.   It will be a long and exhausting day, but spectacular.   Today we have been preparing for the trek in Spiti, and I went to visit an old friend of mine, Rinzing Ladakhi Sherpa, who lives in Manali.   He was the first Sherpa I ever used on my first Himalayan expedition in 1977.   He was in good form and looking fit and well.

I helped Jeremy write one or two of his blogs so am not sure of the latest news, however since leaving Pakistan we have been to Amritsar, Pragpur, Dharmasala, Palampur and now Manali.   We crossed into India at Wagah which was shown in the Michael Palin Himalaya series where they do the famous changing the guard ceremony every day.   We had to give 'presents' to one of the border officials to avoid having the cars searched top to bottom.   The Golden Temple was amazing and I went at night to see the end of day ceremony, and I went in the early morning too - fantastic!   The drive up into the Himalayan foothills was really beautiful and we overnighted in an old Judge's Court, and also in an old palace built by the Marharaja of Kashmir.

Well sorry Katie if I didn't mention in my last blog that I miss you - of course I do silly!   I miss you all loads and hope you are reading all the blogs that go up on the site, as it will give you something of the flavour of this amazing journey.   It has/is/continues to be amazing.   Congratulations by the way Katie on your exam results.   Glad you all had a brilliant holiday in the States.   Hope Tara's leg is OK now.

I will try to add some more when we get down to Shimla.   Bye for now......


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Hi Guys

I have been following your progress with an enormous amount of interest. It certainly sounds like you are all having a fantastic experience.

We are all wishing you well and look forward to the Pay-per-Tell event described by Jeremy in one of his last blogs. I bet the weather is better there than here, rest assured you are not missing a raging hot British summer, more an early Autumn/Winter!

Look forward to the next blog entries, keep up the good descriptions, they're ace! ...and more photo's please.

The sign up link to the blog feed is currently 'dead'. I will look into it for you. That explains why this entry is anonymous.

Best Wishes

Aj Bramwell (Hawkesbury Upton) - Home of the intrepid aged Hippie and his trusty sidekick - Jezza.

I have been following your various blogs and updates with great interest. Despite the obvious challenges at borders and occasionally with the vehicles, I am sure you are having the experience of a lifetime. I look forward to your return. Keep up the blogs, there are many people here reading them. Cheers for now... Aj Bramwell (Hawkesbury Upton)

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