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Brief notes, just record main impressions since last entry (without my notes, so may well be out of sequence etc..) - think it must have been Astrakhan. What a wonderful romantic place! Shortly after leaving there ploughed through various rather dilapidated Russian manufacturing sites (not very lovely) until we finally reached the border. Standard experience - 4 - 5 hour delay to get through. Bit of a pain in the heatof the day (we seem to arrive at each broder just about the time when the guards are about to start their lunch!)

After that the landscape changed immediately & it was apparent we were entering a far poorer country overall, with small rectangular, single storey flat roofed houses, generally with two windows on the main facade & constructed of a sepia brown mud/straw/dung compound?

Camped the firstnight in the desert, which was my first tented night on the trip, having missed the adventures in the Czech, Slovak & Ukraine Republics. Sky was inky black and stars bright through the roof of my one-man tent (I decide to leave the flysheet off as there was no wind & it was dry). Very comfortable - now that I had my air-matress (not at all like our practice in the Forest of Dean. How long ago that all seems..)

Change of plan! Too difficult to remember exact sequence of events - they all tend to roll into one.. I want to do it justice as we have had some amazing experiences and seen many wonderful places. More than anything, the people have become friendlier and friendlier as we have travelled further east, through Kazakstan and Uzbekistan. Intend to try to update at next stop (Samarkand).

In the meantime, love to all back home..


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