We're in Prague Already (no Jewish pun intended!)

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Hard to believe we're here and I've not only found a cyber cafe but I've read my emails, replied to some and now I'm blogging away!

What a send off - England graced us with its very worst weather - we almost drowned before leaving the car park at HK. That's why we all look so wet and shiny on the photos.

We got away about 11.30, with only a few minor last minute hitches, and then spent two hours at Frogs Island Garage, outside Newbury, getting the vehicle batteries checked. They did some changes and checks and it was worth it, although it meant that with the torrential rain and an accident on the M25, we missed the ferry. Steve mentioned at that point that there was a sweepstake at his office on him ever leaving Dunkirk - to which we naturally replied that we had to get there first!

But it wasn't a problem - we got the next ferry and arrived at 2300 local time. Setting off to find the Campanile Hotel I'd booked us into, we had no confirmation as to where we'd actually come into. Thus, we spent an hour looking for what should have been easy to find, frustratingly passed a different Campanile hotel and only found ours by dint of Ann-Clare and I flagging down a passing motorist, while the men tried to work out where we were by compass bearings. What does that say? The couple in the car not only knew where the hotel was, but insisted on leading us there which was just as well, because we'd never have found it.

The next morning was a wet at the previous and th drive through Belgium as confusing as France - almost no signage, which resulted in us driving through Brussels unexpectedly. We did find our way out - more by luck than judgement.

A long drive which gradually got hotter and hotter, the roadsides getting yellower and yellower, and we arrived in Wurzburg about 2015. One of the vehicles made the hotel with the ease, whilst the other drove into a pedestrian precinct and was escorted out by the police and led to the hotel (won't say who was in that vehicle, but I wasn't one of them).

The hotel was unbelievably friendly and the town lovely. it's shame we got there so late, but we had a nice meal out in a little square under the trees and it was very pleasant.

We set off early for Prague on Friday and it continued to get hot. The countryside is big rolling hills with dark forests and occasional glimpses of schlosses, but noticebly further through the season than at home - very much into harvest and the grass no longer green.

The hotel in Prague in just by the tram terminus and is very modern. The rooms are all on the sixth floor and give view right over the city.

We have all split up to do our own thing. Some of us took a short boat trip and now I'm blogging in the Jewish Quarter (hence the title - or not?!) in a cyber cafe full of gap year travellers. Being here blogging with Mika playing in the background feels quite strange, but at least I'm not the oldest one here. There's an elderly lady tapping away next to me. What a strange international place the world has become.

Tonight some of us are going to see a marionette production of Don Giovanni (if we can get tickets) which the Sunday Times recommended. Apparently marionettes are a real tradition here. So an afternoon of wandering round and imagining coming back to see more and then tomorrow off into Slovakia.

Next blog - can't guess where!

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