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Hello to anyone reading this. I'm Roger. The one that looks like Steve - or is it the other way round? (If you're confused, I'm the taller one by the way!)

Anyway,  this is a photo of me ealier this year in southern India...


I'm the one appropriately sitting in the front passenger seat!

This will be my third trip overland to India. The first time was in 1971, when a friend gave me a lift to Dover, and put me on the ferry; and then I hitched from Calais - young and naive, and looking for adventure. The second time was in 1998, when I travelled by train and car - somewhat older(!), and a lot less naive, but still excited by the prospect of adventure. This time I'll be sharing the driving, I'll be with friends, and it will be a different experience again. I can't wait.......!

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