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It's two days till off and I've just had my last day at work. It feels very odd to be going off for so long - my desk has never been so tidy! As I left colleagues were eying up the space - I'm getting suspicious that it'll have been re-allocated by the time I get back - are they trying to tell me something??
The last few days have been spent buying all sort of bits and pieces - it's incredible what you think you might need for a ten week trip. The sheer amount of drugs 'just in case' makes me wonder if I'll get stopped at the border and locked up for trafficking! Please keep an eye on the news, especially you Anthony Collins people - I might need some legal assistance to get out! Oh, but if they're after my desk, they won't lift a finger  - is this all some huge conspiracy? Will I ever get home? Help!!.....
Oops, sorry, letting my imagination run away with me, I think. You can see that going on such an amazing trip is making me a little nervous! Leaving home and the family for so long is quite daunting, but I'll be much better when we've set off - honest.
Actually it's all very exciting and everyone is very envious of me, although the children are getting rather sad at the prospect of me actually going. I don't think they thought it was really going to happen, but then, I'm not sure I did either!
Well, all that's left is to pick up yet more drugs from the chemist (antibiotics, malaria - we should have bought them as a job lot - they're on three for two at Boots - we could have saved loads.) and pack my holdall. The blue barrel is almost full, so there isn't much to do but check and re-check my lists - and I'm still bound to forget something.
And a final technology lesson. This bit of blog is written on a laptop and will be transferred via a dongle (I believe that's what they're called) so that I know how to do that bit at a cyber cafe in the middle of nowhere..... which may be the next place we'll be blogging from..... (actually more likely to be Prague!)


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