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We just got into Astrakhan, which is full of old buildings made of wood, highly decorated - many falling apart, but some restoration going on. It has a huge church in the middle high up within a walled centre, all of which is being restored. The feel is very different from anywhere we've been through -and it's very, very hot.

During the drive from Volgograd, the scenery changed and became much flatter and prairie-like. I don't think it's the actual steppes, but close to it. The journey followed the Volga all the way here, although most of the time we couldn't see it - just an edge of green shrub to our left and then an occasional glimpse of where it cuts down through the earth.
Coming out of Volgograd, we passed miles of rotting factories - it's as if they just throw them away when they don't want them - too much space, perhaps.

From today we will be in Kazakstan and possibly camping for several night, so it will be much less pleasant - no chance for a cool shower at the end of the day and certainly no fridge to get cold drinks out of. (And no email or blogging opportunities either)

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