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Steve - Proud Owner of 2 Toyota Landcruisers

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First trip to a cyber cafe

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Well, it's 12 days till we leave and I'm having my cyber cafe lesson from David, so that when we actually find anywhere to post entries, I will know what to do! We've come to the Studio in Cannon Street, Birmingham - those who know Birmingham may remember it as the Orange Stdio, but it has cut its links from Orange and, rather sadly, I think, not renamed itself 'The Studio formerly Known as Orange', but merely the Studio, which then involves the explanation that it used to be The Orange Studio - see what I mean?


I've also been experiencing the delights of TK Maxx - buying up cheap trekking trousers, sunglasses and iPod covers (yes, iPod covers, including a little sock thing to keep it warm in those Himalayan nights - they think of everything - I can imagine it will feel so cosy beside me in my tent!)

I've also deposited a whole lot of money in our joint account and have not, as suggested by Jeremy, been tempted to run off on a long holiday with it - it just isn't enough to make it worth missing the trip for, Jeremy! We will undoubtedly report how the money access pans out as we travel across central Asia - this is my major comcern about the trip - I have visions of us stuck in the middle of nowhere having un out of fuel and with no local money to get any more and wondering what to do - and I will feel it's all my fault because rashly I agreed to run the kitty. I would add that Roger has very generously taken up at least half the strain of the job by doing the sums and being responsible for half the kitty money too, so the risk is spread.

 Well, I need to get on with the lesson and learn how to post an image, so I'll end this bit and get on with that. Till the next posting ...


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Logging on..

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Just testing - my first 'blog'!



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Twitter test

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Test of Twitter feed.

For those who don't know it Twitter lets you get instant updates from people, blogs, news sources and other systems across the Internet. Just go to Twitter to learn more about it. The ROTW Twitter feed is at www.twitter.com/rotw2008.

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